Tuffboom – World’s Most Popular Debris Barrier


TUFFBOOM™ is the World’s most widely used floating trash barrier. Worthington set the standard for waterborne debris control with our original TUFFBOOM™ log boom. Our commitment to continuous improvement means today’s TUFFBOOM™ is more highly engineered, stronger and more durable than those of 15 years.

TUFFBOOM is made from thick-walled, UV resistant resin. Each boom includes a high load bearing internal steel channel through which all boom-to-boom connections are bolted. Each boom is fully filled with closed-cell foam making these booms are truly unsinkable.

TUFFBOOM barriers have been the choice of dam operators worldwide for controlling surface debris and satisfying regulatory guideline for public safety. These 10’ (3m) modular units link together to form unlimited length boom lines. Our patented Zero Gap deflector system eliminates the gap between the units. For Public Safety, we’ve redesigned our connections to assure that the spacing between the units is never more than 12”. Accessories include high visibility mold-in graphics, hanging debris skirts, boat gates, solar lights and more.

Whether your goal is to stop a 50’ (15m) long tree or keep boaters a safe distance from your dam, the solution is simple. The solution is TUFFBOOM.