OFM Engineering, which introduced the concept of Protective Engineering to Turkey, offers consultancy services alongside effective engineering solutions to protect people, structures, systems and infrastructures from natural disasters, extraordinary events caused by manmade and accidental hazards based on its experience and together with its expert staff.

Through its expertise on Protective Engineering, OFM Engineering contributes to the creation of safe living and work environments through engineering solutions which focus on mitigation of effects of threats on structures and people deriving from terror attacks or occupational accidents.

OFM Engineering continues to create national brands by focusing on the importance of research and development and carries out projects, which will meet the needs that will be generated after the risk analysis of facilities and structures, determination of vulnerability and feasibility works. OFM Engineering, which highly responds to the ever-growing safety standards, creates designs that protect aesthetics and functionality.

We also offer detail-engineering services during construction and production services following the creative, protection design process. In case of need, OFM Engineering, which has competent knowledge of tender and terms of reference, can also develop concepts and designs for the needs based on protective engineering.

To protect people, systems and infrastructure from blast, forced entry and ballistic threats we offer our technical expertise for;

Detail Engineering
Specification Development For Design And Construction