Increasing, diversified and complicated threats within the civil and military fields also bring solutions that focus on these threats.

OFM Engineering brought the concept of Protective Engineering to Turkey, which is based on the mitigation of the effects of threats such as; terror attacks, blast, firearm, forced entry and occupational accidents on structures and people and creation of safe living and work environment. Our company offers innovative, durable and cost effective solutions for the ever- growing need of physical safety.

OFM Engineering which focuses on research, development, evaluation, design, planning, detail engineering, production, building inspection, project management and implementation in order to protect people, structures, systems and infrastructures from natural disasters, extraordinary events caused by accidental and manmade hazards, determines the changes that need to be made in order to eliminate vulnerability and increase protection to the highest level.

Our company offers a fast and comprehensive evaluation for protection and its experience and technical expertise for guidance by discovering vulnerabilities and determining risk levels through inspection and modern analysis methods.

Risk Analysis
Feasibility Studies
Vulnerability Assessment
Physical Security Upgrade Analysis