Automatic Bore Cleaner System


The current method of cleaning the barrel consists of several people with a steel brush at the end of a long pole which is manuallyinserted down the barrel repeatedly. Due to the linear movement of this manual method perfect cleaning could never be achievedespecially against the tilted formation inside the rifled barrels. Even this way does damage to barrel severely.

Many factors could influencethe quality of cleaning such as the available manpower and time constraints which will result in reduced accuracy and lifewhile increasing the risk for misfiring and explosions. Manual cleaning is also difficult to perform in environments such as practice, NBC, radioactive, night combat and heavy activity areas which could affect the performance of the barrel as proper cleaning is essentialto ensure the perfect working conditions.

The automatic bore cleaner from Soosung Defense Industries is the answer to these problems.

Automatic Bore Cleaner system is an automatic cleaning device for the cannon bore.
  • Provides a perfect cleaning result in a short period of time.
  • Possible to clean the barrel within the tank. (Protects the lives of soldiers by minimizing dangerouscombat exposure time.)
  • No need for wide space to clean.
  • Operates in all weather conditions.
  • The perfect cleaning will ensure high shooting accuracy and maximum utilization of the barrel life.
  • No additional equipment necessary.
  • Powered directly by the battery on the tank. (Both AC 110V ~ 240V and DC 24V are usable.)
  • Only one person required to operate.