Heavy Steel Fabrication

At facilities conveniently located in Ankara/Turkey, we offer custom steel fabrication services to our international customers. We provide products from small machined parts to large and heavy components and complete field-ready assemblies for commercial and industrial applications.

OFM’s main focus on production quality is our back bone. In the industries where quality matters, we strive to continuously meet some of the most demanding requirements passed onto us by our customers. Our emphasis on quality also includes our vendors, who provide various processes such as casting, heat treatment and galvanizing.

Whether it is a high mix-low volume or a single part manufacturing, OFM welcomes every request and offers more than 60 years of experience in steel manufacturing for its customers who are looking for custom metal fabrication.

OFM offers

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Steel Fabrication Services

  • Project Management
  • Design Detailing
  • Material Procurement
  • Automatic and Manual Sand Blasting
  • Plate Processing
  • Profi­le Processing
  • Assembly & Marking
  • Welding | Gas Metal Welding (GMAW), Electric Arc Welding (SMAW), Sub-merged Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Stress Relieving
  • Machining |Milling, Boring, Horizontal Turning, Vertical Turning
  • Surface Treatment | Hot-dip Galvanizing, Electro-galvanizing, Metallization
  • Painting
  • Packaging
  • Loading

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